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Installing an Aquafire water heater to your existing or new cylinder significantly reduces carbon emissions by saving you up to 70% on hot water heating.
Our smart technology extracts free thermal energy from the air to heat your water. If you want sustainable and environmentally friendly, then this is about as good as it gets. What other investment gives you a 25% p.a. return on investment while helping the environment?
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  • We show you how switching to this smart technology may cost you nothing!

Make a positive change for 2011 and reap the rewards for years to come!

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Aquafire saves Rest Home thousands

Aquafire Saves Resthome Thousands heat pumpThis Rest Home saves approx $10,000 per year as a result of switching from LPG to heat their water to the Aquafire. That's because the Aquafire uses much less energy to heat water to 60 degrees.


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How does it work?


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In the above illustration, cold water is passed into the storage tank, then pumped through the heat exchanger and heated before being stored back in the cylinder.

The Heat Exchanger transfers its heat from the very hot refrigerant running through the outside of the water pipes. This has been heated by the Collector which has very cold refrigerant pumped though it by the Heat Pump. Because the Collector is much colder than ice-cream for example, it rapidly uptakes the heat in the ambient air which by comparison is always much hotter.



Testimonial profile image for Aquafire heat pump hot waterWe are delighted with the performance we’re getting from our Aquafire hot water heat pump. It is doing everything they promised and more, saving us at least $120 per month in power.”
B King, Campbell’s Bay

heat pump hot water Aquafire testimonial image“Their heatpump uses substantially less electricity while giving us more heat. Their support is excellent and they are committed to their customers. What more can you ask?”
Claude L, Waiheke Island

heat pump hot water Aquafire “We’ve reduced our running costs by about 65 percent compared to the old electric resistant heater in summer and about 55 percent in the colder winter months. Since installation it has given trouble free running.”
Axiam Plastics, Wanganui