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Hot Water Cylinder Special

Hot Water Cylinders

Whether you are upgrading or have a new installation requirement - talk to us for expert advice in selecting the right system.

The Aquafire heat pump water heater is a split system which is designed to work with a solar-ready or heat pump-ready storage cylinder. These hot water cylinders are usually situated indoors, and the heat pump water heater is designed to go outside, as close as possible to the cylinder, but it can be up to 15 metres away.

We recommend and supply the HJ Cooper range of stainless hot water cylinders, as they are well suited to operate with our heat pump water heaters and come with a 20-year warranty. There are a number of other indoor and outdoor cylinders available which are also suitable.

The hot water cylinders pictured below come in 180, 250 and 300 litre sizes to suit any household. Please discuss with one of our team which size would best suit your needs. 

Hot Water Cylinders Model

Hot water cylinders specifications

HJ Cooper Hot Water Cylinders Specifications

HJ Cooper cylinder specifications

Pricing of HJ Coopers cylinders

Hot Water Cylinders

INDOOR  - Stainless ‘Solar & Heat Pump Ready’ Cylinders


Capacity                     Height (mm)     Diameter (mm)    Weight (kgs)      Price (retail incl GST)

135 litre                     1023                    550                          29                        $1150         

180 litre                     1292                    550                          35                        $1250                         

250 litre                     1726                    550                          45                        $1550                            

300 litre                     2047                    550                          53                        $1750                           


200 litre                    1450                     560                                                       $1296

250 litre                    1760                     560                                                       $1590           

300 litre                    2070                     560                                                       $1775

350 litre                    1360                     700                                                       $2064

OUTDOOR – Glass lined ‘Solar & Heat Pump Ready’ Cylinders


340 litre                                                                                                                $1660

430 litre                                                                                                                $1885


180 litre                                                                                                                $1150

270 litre                                                                                                                $1450

340 litre                                                                                                                $1650

* Please note our prices do not include freight.

Aquafire is the premier supplier and installer of hot water cylinders. We recommend the NZ made HJ Cooper and Peter Cocks range of stainless, solar-ready cylinders which truly offer a future proof option by being compatible with solar and the Aquafire heat pump water heaters.

These cylinders carry a 10 or 20-year warranty, are lightweight and very durable.

  • Many homeowners are now upgrading from low to mains pressure in order to deliver better pressure to the  shower and modernise their homes
  • If you are upgrading from low to mains pressure, just allow for a mains pressure valve kit valued at $350.