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heat pump water heater

Aquafire air source heat pumps use outside air as an efficient heat source. A compressor, condenser and refrigerant system is used to absorb that heat and release it into your hot water cylinder.

How to save power hot water cylinder
thermal heating energy hot water cylinder


  • Panasonic or Copeland compressors used for reliability.
  • Wilo or Grundfos circulator pumps included as standard.
  • Patented Vortex Heat Exchange – more efficient operation saves you money.
  • Heat Optimised Transfer agent (Dupont 417A) – ideal for heating to 60°C and environmentally friendly.
  • Highly Efficient Defrost Mechanism – important in cold climates.
  • Intelligent controller with seven day programmable timer.
  • Even our smallest model has a powerful 6 kW output, meaning faster recovery, shorter operational cycles, giving a longer life with fewer maintenance issues.

All weather drive

All Weather Drive heat pump hot water
The Aquafire thrives in all climates from -15°C to + 40°C. This technology has been used extensively throughout Europe, America, Australia and Japan for years but has largely been overlooked in New Zealand.