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Frequently asked questions

Q.  Will the system work during bad weather?
A.  Aquafire does not rely on sunshine and has been designed to work all year round without a booster element.
Q.  How much hot water can the Aquafire deliver?
A.  The Aquafire has the ability to deliver 1,900 to 19,200 litres of hot water per day.
Q.  Will I run out of hot water?
A.  If you choose the right model you should never run out.
Q.  Does the refrigerant need topping up occasionally?
A.  No. Aquafire is a sealed unit like a refrigerator and has silver soldered copper joints.
Q.  Does the system freeze in winter?
A.  No. The Controller acts as a frost-protector by sending warm water from the tank to the collector when it senses it is reaching freezing temperature.
Q.  Does it over heat in summer?
A.  No. Aquafire is thermostatically controlled to 60°C and cannot overheat.
Q.  How long does it take to heat from cold to hot?
A.  At an ambient temperature of 20°C Aquafire will run 1 ~ 2hours to raise the water to 60°C.
Q.  What is the payback period for an Aquafire?
A.  It depends on how much water you use. The more you use the quicker the payback. For heavy commercial it can be within 12 months, for moderate home use it can be 4~5years.
Q.  Can the hot water tank go outside?
A.  Yes! The unit has been designed to operate outside but can also be used indoors if enough space and airflow.
Q.  How far can the Aquafire be away from the tank?
A.  The Aquafire unit should ideally be no more than 9 meters from the water storage tank.
Q.  How long will the unit last?
A.  Aquafire has been manufactured with great care and expertise. Normal life expectancy would be about 12 to 15 years.
Q.  What sizes of tank are there?
A.  Any size that suits your demand.
Q.  Can Aquafire be used for other than domestic hot water?
A.  Aquafire has been adapted for many applications other than just domestic hot water supply. Other applications to date have been under-floor heating, pool heating, spa heating and glasshouse heating. Normally a different model would be used for these other applications.
Q.  We use hot water mostly in the evening; will it recover by the morning?
A.  Yes! Even on the coldest winter night Aquafire will recover for early morning use.
Q.  Can an Aquafire be installed by anyone?
A.  The Aquafire can be installed by any registered plumber and electrician.
Q.  Are replacement parts readily available?
A.  Yes! All parts are available.
Q.  What if the tank goes, does it mean the whole unit needs to be replaced?
A.  No the tank is a separate unit so would not affect the Aquafire.
Q.  Why is a Heat Pump more efficient than electric or gas water heating?
A.  Normal heating methods use energy such as electricity or gas to directly heat the water. This can never be greater than 100% (but more likely 60% – 98%) efficient. A heat pump only uses electrical energy to run the compressor, not to heat the water. The heat energy actually comes from the atmosphere. This allows an efficiency of up to 350% or more.

Rest Home

Aquafire saves Rest Home thousands

Aquafire Saves Resthome Thousands heat pumpThis Rest Home saves approx $10,000 per year as a result of switching from LPG to heat their water to the Aquafire. That's because the Aquafire uses much less energy to heat water to 60 degrees.