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Some other savings to consider

Hot water running costs hot water cylinder

It will save you a whopping 70% on your water heating bills! This can equate to about $700 a year for the average family home. Extend that out for the expected life of the Aquafire (about 15 years) and that’s over $10,000! According to HEEP (Housing Efficiency End-use Project) every 1% improvement in the efficiency of energy use in NZ would result in a benefit of $15,000,000 and reduce CO2 by 1%.

Heat output

Type> Heat output Calculating how many Kwh’s are needed to heat 1000 litres of water from 20~60℃ requires 40,000 kilo calories How Much to heat 1000 litres from 20~60℃ You can calculate the rate based on your most recent power bill
Aquafire 1Kwh = 3268 Kilo calories 40,000÷3238=12.24 Kwh 12.24 x rate per Kwh  
Electric Cylinder 1 Kwh=774 kilo calories 40,000÷774=51.68 Kwh 51.68x rate per Kwh  
Solar Panel (back-up element) 1Kwh=774 kilo calories 40,000÷774=51.68 Kwh 51.68 x rate per Kwh  
LPG 1kg=7020 kilo calories 40,000÷7020=5.6 Kg 5.6 x rate per Kg  
Diesel 1kg=6695 kilo calories 40,000÷6695=5.97 Kg 5.97 x rate per Kg  


Company Aquafire     Quantum Rheem
Model Matchbox     270-11AC3-134 HDi-310
RRP $4,995     $4,998 $4,824
HP input kW 1.6     0.986 1.3
HP output kW 5.8     3.53 3.7
Cylinder Litres 250     270 310
Min Temp °C -10     -10 5 before booster element
Max Temp °C 43     40  
Heating up time (amb T=20ºC, rel.hum=60%, heating water 15ºC to 60ºC) 96L per hr     71L per hr (310L=3hr20min)
COP (amb T=15ºC, rel.hum=70%, heating water 15ºC to 60ºC) 3.5       3.1
Installation Internal/External       External
Warranty Heat Pump 2 years     2 years 2 years
Warranty Cylinder 20 years       7 years
Sound rating @ 1.5m dBa 50dba     52dba  60dba

Why use

So why would we ever use a typical electric resistant hot water cylinder?

All Weather Drive hot water cylinder

We’re not quite sure why people still use old hot water cylinders other than for reasons of tradition and expediency. They are cheaper to buy which has made them a popular choice with builders wanting to keep their material costs low, but unfortunately cost 3 times as much to run! Using a super-efficient heat pump water heater just makes good sense both to your wallet and the environment.