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Heat pump efficiency will save you money and the environment

A typical hot water system uses more energy than any other household appliance – up to 40% of your power bill. If you have a standard electric hot water cylinder, that money literally goes down the drain.

Aquafire has developed an alternative for New Zealand conditions – a water heater that works by using the latent heat in the air around it. It’s so efficient and reliable that in as little as 3 years, it can repay your investment by delivering consistently lower power bills. An Aquafire Hot Water System uses advanced Heat Pump technology, which is 360% more efficient than a standard electric hot water cylinder. Heat pump efficiency translates immediately into reduced energy consumption. So you can lower both your costs and environmental impact, without changing your lifestyle.

save money on power Aquafire heat pump hot water

1. 70 % Saving

Heat pump efficiency will save you a whopping 70% on your water heating bills! This can equate to about $700 a year for the average family home. Extend that out for the expected life of the Aquafire (about 15 years) and that’s over $10,000! According to HEEP (Housing Efficiency End-use Project) every 1% improvement in the efficiency of energy use in NZ would result in a benefit of $15,000,000 and reduce CO2 by 1%.

2. Hot water – fast

It quietly heats water up to 60°C day and night, rain or shine at a minimum speed of 100 litres per hour! With the right model you will never run out of hot water.

3. Super low carbon emissions

It massively reduces your contribution to the greenhouse gases harming our planet. This is because you will use up to 70% less power to heat your hot water. As some may not be aware, we in lovely New Zealand unfortunately live under a hole in the ozone layer the size of North America! This is not a good thing. Therefore, probably something we should all take more seriously. Hot water heating is the single biggest user of electricity and producer of carbon emissions for most homes, so a very logical place to start.

4. No booster element

It doesn’t need a gas or electric booster element (money-burner) like some other models of HWHP’s and Solar units. With the low cost of running the compressor, an Aquafire heat pump is actually more economical over a twelve month period than a conventional flat plate solar water heater.

5. Quality

The Aquafire is constructed using the highest quality components from around the world. These include a compressor from Japan, heat exchanger from the U.S.A. and circulator pump from Germany. We also use DuPont 417A refrigerant – one of the most environmentally friendly available today. All models come with a 2 year warranty.

6. Mains Pressure

It uses mains pressure so is great for those who enjoy a ‘Power-Shower’ – or an ‘Hour-Shower’ if you have teenagers at home.

7.  Simple installation

Your plumber can quickly install Aquafire outside your house, as close as possible to the hot water cylinder. The system is then connected to your hot water cylinder. Due to its low power consumption, there’s no need to connect it to the ripple control system – no more cold showers! When you move home you can take it with you, leaving the intact hot water cylinder behind.

5 things to remember if considering solar hot water heaters

1. Councils can charge high consent fees

2. You will need to have a north facing roof or modifications carried out to accommodate the solar hot water heater panels.

3. You may have trees, buildings or other obstruction to sunlight.

4. You will probably have to climb on the roof for regular cleaning and maintenance of the solar hot water heater panels.

5. You may live in an area with only a few days of clear sunshine per year.