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Typical household power usage with hot water savings using Aquafire


We are delighted with the performance we’re getting from our Aquafire hot water heat pump. It is doing everything they promised and more, saving us at least $120 per month in power.

B King, Campbell's Bay


Aquafire became an EECA partner in 2012 for the Heat Pump Water Heating grant, however, this grant has now expired.

Aquafire is one of the few systems with an class 'A' rating, which means they perform well in all climate zones throughout NZ without the need for a booster element.

Aquafire Hot Water Heat Pump Systems

Aquafire hot water heat pump systems reduce your hot water power bills by up to 70%. Installing an Aquafire to your existing or new hot water cylinder significantly lowers carbon emissions while saving about 25% on your overall power bills. Our smart heat pump technology extracts free thermal energy from the air to heat your water. Make a positive change for 2011 and reap the rewards for years to come.

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Latest News

The Australian Government have banned the hot water cylinder in Queensland for all new dwellings and are now extending this throughout the country. This is due to the inefficient nature of the electric hot water cylinder. It uses on average 3 x more electricity and therefore produces a lot more carbon emissions than a hot water heat pump

An Aquafire hot water heat pump is considered just another solar water heater. Solar hot water typically comes from direct UV sunlight whereas the hot water heat pump extracts thermal energy from the atmosphere, which is also heated by the sun. This means it works day and night in temperatures as low as -15 degrees and doesn't need to switch to an electric element when there is insufficient sunlight.

We have a range of models for both residential and commercial use that use approximately 66% less electricity than if you directly heat your water with an electric element, which is the traditional way of heating water in NZ.

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